When you let go of anything in life, one thing is certain. You will change. Internally, you may have known something needed to shift and now, you have come to a decision that the time is now. If you have shared that with your partner, friends or family, they may seem supportive and positive about your growth but you feel like something doesn’t fit. In truth, those close to us have a hard time with us changing. Inevitably, it means our relationship with them will change as well. It’s the law of nature, when one change is introduced, it causes a systemic change. It’s unsettling for others because they don’t know what to expect from you but also they don’t know what to expect of themselves. Your shift will cause them to look at their own lives and the reflection in their mirrors. Many of our family and friends are just not ready to do that and may send you a verbal or non-verbal message that says: “Wait, not yet.” The bottom line is that if the timing feels right for you, then it’s time. You need to prepare yourself for the negative feedback you may receive and the hurt you may feel from it. You need to know that you may lose some people along the journey. Trust that the people that are meant to be with you are the ones who can withstand the change, accept your growth and possibly even be inspired to make a shift themselves.