I like to pretend that everything’s alright. Because when everybody else thinks you’re fine, sometimes you forget for a while that you’re not.”

Is it better to be honest about your feelings or pretend that everything is OK? Does it depend who you are being honest with?  It could be co-workers, employees, your partner, a friend or family member. Can you be brutally honest with some people and speak your truth without fear of rejection? But with others, you hold back because you are afraid that you will appear inadequate, vulnerable, or afraid of judgement?  It all comes down to one question, doesn’t it? Will they like me, understand me and accept me? Or, will I feel isolated and lonely because if I risk being my true self, no one will approve of me or love me?

 We all make choices in different circumstances and in different relationships, but at what cost to our self-worth? If we are not first honest with ourselves about who we really are, then how can we be consistent with the person that we project to others? We may be able to fool others, and even ourselves, for a while. But we never truly forget that we are” faking it” and hiding every honest emotion we have inside of our hearts.

That inside there is an entirely different story that is true, honest and in alignment with our values and our purpose. It is the difference between waking up in the morning and feeling secure about facing the day and waking up to an alarm that we dread.

For me, I choose to wake to my morning alarm and awake to the “real me.” And know, deep inside that is OK. It’s not always the easiest path to take but it is the path that leads us to genuine success in our careers, relationships and in our vision of each new day.

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