Many times we think expressing our fears, showing our weaknesses, or sharing our personal stories tells the world we are vulnerable. But what it tells the world is that we are human. When we hide our true feelings, whether in relationships, in our career or from ourselves, they will be expressed in another way. Often, we think if we appear vulnerable, others’ opinions of us will be diminished and we will lose our power. Just the opposite is true. When we are ourselves, we claim our strength. We transform from being weak and afraid into being strong and fierce.  Vulnerability and strength are not mutually exclusive. They co-exist in all of us when we are in balance. And that is when we become empowered to be who we are without apologies.

When we accept that we are both weak and strong then we become comfortable with letting everyone else know it too. We all have things we do great and things we aren’t so great at doing. And that’s OK. Really think about it. What are your weaknesses? Why do they make you feel vulnerable? What would happen if you didn’t hide them? We apologize for ourselves when we feel we are not living up to someone else’s standards. The person you need to apologize to is you! I think you will be amazed to realize the strength in claiming weakness. Then go about living you own life with truth and boldness.

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