THE big breakthrough Weekend!

"Alejandra's technique of helping me discovery my inner issues that were holding me back from being the person I wanted to be helped me have a successful career and successful personal life"

Suzanne DeLaurentiis Producer


THE big breakthrough Weekend!

"Alejandra's technique of helping me discovery my inner issues that were holding me back from being the person I wanted to be helped me have a successful career and successful personal life"

Suzanne DeLaurentiis Producer

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“This is Your Wake-Up Call…”

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, what do you see? A reflection of a person you love being or a reflection of a person who is exhausted from faking it?  One person to others but someone else on the inside?  Do you feel like your life is a burden to carry and the weight is just too heavy to hold?

Are you like so many who feel stuck and can’t see the road ahead? Lonely even when you aren’t alone, loved but not fulfilled, giving but not worthy of being given to? A victim in your life rather than the owner of your life? A winner on the outside but secretly a loser in your own heart? Do you aim for success only to sabotage your efforts?

Do you push away your own thoughts? The tape playing in your mind that repeats, “I’m not good enough. Things will never change. I’ve tried before. I can’t do it. ” Do you silently say to yourself… "One more day, just get through one more day.”

There is so much more that is waiting for you. More purpose, more love, more freedom, more success, more peace.  Most importantly, more life.  A life full of understanding, healing and endless possibility.

Your true life is waiting for you. Claim it!  Don’t abandon yourself any longer. It’s time to heal the hurt and release the pain. Put yourself first. Choose you!

                                   Overcoming my fear of heights by zip lining!

                                  Overcoming my fear of heights by zip lining!


My promise to you is that you will create a more beautiful life than you could have ever imagined. I did! After years of pain, struggle and hidden grief, I no longer grieve the “me” that I “could” have been or the life that I “could” have lived. I own the person I was, I embrace the person I am and I celebrate the life I’ve created. From the core of my being, I want that for you too.



Pain hurts and it’s work to move through it. The fears you resist facing from your past will just persist in your present. Instead, be present for yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for every relationship and circumstance in your life. You can change how you relate to yourself. You can create your own circumstances. You can move past the pain. You can walk out of your old story. You can claim the life you want.

My Commitment to you

Alejandra Crisafulli, Master Coach M.SC

I started this company and this challenge for many reasons. The first being a personal one. I genuinely understand the heartache of holding on to pain. I lived in my own state of “self-hate” for 11 years.  I searched within myself and knew I had to change. My life was only headed for more pain and I knew I needed help.

I wanted someone… anyone who would not only listen to me but would hear me. Really hear me. The “me” who had been screaming, sometimes silently and sometimes at the top of my lungs that I wanted “out.” Out of the pain I was in. I kept making the same unhealthy choices in my career and with my finances, in both my intimate relationships and relationships with friends. I re-created the same toxic circumstances for years. I never believed I could escape that life and create the life I wanted.

                                     Me and my husband on vacation in Cancun

                                    Me and my husband on vacation in Cancun

Once I faced the pain, took ownership of my life and healed the relationship I had with myself, I was able to let go. I no longer had the need to punish myself. I left years of struggle behind and traded them for years of success, love and purpose.  

I have been in my “new life” for 8 years and every day is a gift.




 I love the work that I do. I have coached over 1400 clients throughout my career and have seen them achieve life changing successes. I have lead classes and presented workshops to audiences of hundreds. The outcomes are always the same. The Healing Formula helps my clients heal their pain, live and love with a new purpose and create amazing lives.

When I look back at my old life, I remember simply wanting someone who would listen to me and allow me to truly express my pain. Not just acknowledge but tolerate the truth, that my pain was raw and ugly. I didn’t want to have to sugarcoat anything anymore. I needed someone who would be caring, sensitive and nonjudgmental. Someone to teach me and guide me through the process. Someone who had answers.

I have already committed to be that person to thousands of my clients and I am committed to be that person to you. There’s only one reason that the formula won’t work for you. To achieve success, it requires a serious commitment from you too. You are the only one who can create a new life for yourself. I can hear you, guide you and give you lifelong skills and tools. But it’s your work, your investment and your belief that a new life is possible. I know it’s possible.

Why Choose the BiG Breakthrough Weekend?

                    Final day of The 3 Day Challenge in Los Angeles 2015 

                   Final day of The 3 Day Challenge in Los Angeles 2015 

With complete confidence I can state that The Big Breakthrough Weekend is unlike any other workshop experience. Here’s why: Our 3 day retreat is designed with your utmost safety and security in mind. We know this work is painful and so we limit our classes to a maximum of 15 participants. From experience we know larger workshops won’t give you the essential support, attention and coaching needed to guide you successfully through the healing process.

We have created “The Healing Formula” that has been proven to work! We use the formula step by step to move you through and to move you out of the pain. We truly want to stay in touch with all of our participants and hear about your lives and successes. In a one-on-one follow-up phone consultation, we will help you measure your progress and help you stay on the healing track.

Over the course of the weekend you will learn and understand:

  • Your relationship with yourself and why all pain comes from this core.
  • Your brain’s reactions to pain and how to recognize the emotional triggers and physical signals that cause you to shut down.
  • How to express your feelings rather than suppress them out of habit or out of fear.
  • The five components of the Healing Formula and be comfortable and confident to use them in your own life.

As a Result of The BIG Breakthrough Weekend you can expect these outcomes:

  • You will understand why you have been “stuck” in your life.
  • You will be clear and confident about how you communicate because you will have an action plan.
  • You will know that you have created healing within yourself, your relationships and your life.
  • You will be ready to release the pain you have held, giving yourself freedom, confidence and peace.
  • You will have claimed yourself, healed yourself and will be yourself as you have never been before.

So, are you ready to heal, let go of your past and claim your life once and for all?

It’s your one, wild and precious life. Claim it!

With my warmest wishes,

Alejandra Crisafulli Master Coach M. SC


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The Healing challenge

The Healing challenge

Dear Reader,

I knew that I had escaped abusive past relationships the day I married the man of my dreams on a beach in San Diego. My daughter stood by us with the biggest, brightest smile I have ever seen.  

I had worried that I would never be able to have --- let alone attract ---- the perfect relationship. That I was destined to be in a relationship that was demeaning, abusive and full of pain.

As a single mom, I was committed to changing my story.  

Fast-forward to today– I value myself.  I have an ideal relationship with the man of my dreams.  We have honest communication and genuine intimacy.

In fact, our partnership has endured 12 years of real-life hardships. Today we have a stronger, more intimate life full of love, joy and, most importantly, no more pain!

I no longer punish him or myself or feel like I don’t deserve this life we’ve created together. I no longer play the victim to life’s circumstances.  Not only that, but I’ve helped thousands of people create and maintain their ideal relationships, free from their cycle of pain.

My message helps people all over the world free themselves from relationships in which they are trapped and access the courage and core change needed in life. I want to do this for you, too.


  • You feel frustrated and TRAPPED by the relationship cycle you’re in now.
  • You’re OVERWHELMED and confused: Why are things the way they are, and why can’t I bring myself to leave?
  • You want a partner you feel you deserve, but keep attracting the same type of person who disappoints you, is not good for you, and makes you feel WORTHLESS.  
  • You feel like you can only have a career or a relationship, but NEVER BOTH.  



After 10 painful years of failed relationships and feeling powerless, unworthy, and depressed, I realized that I held the power to create the life I wanted. I started coaching women and men, guiding them toward eliminating their own pain and creating the ideal relationship with the perfect one.

My clients celebrate HUGE successes: From healing relationships they thought would never work, to living happily.  



  • You will be clear on why you continue to be stuck in a painful relationship.
  • You will be confident about how you communicate because you have an action plan.
  • You will know have created healing within yourself, your relationships, and your life.  
  • You will be READY to release the pain you have held, giving yourself freedom, peace and confidence.  




Stage 1: Discover Why You Keep Attracting Messy Relationships

Stage 2: So It’s Not Working...And Here Is Why

Stage 3Discover Your Own Personal Groundhog Day cycle: Repeating the Same Thing Over and Over and Over

Stage 4Who Are You Today? Victim, Villain, or Hero?

Stage 5Cut to the Chase: Get to the Source of Your Pain

Stage 6How You Can Fix It: The Healing FormulaTM


This three-day retreat is set up with your safety and security in mind so you can work on repairing your relationships.  I will be your expert guide, along with a small group of other men and women who are also ready for no more pain.

We limit our Healing Workshop retreats to 10 persons. This gives you undivided attention and the coaching necessary for the change you need and want.

I have taught this course to hundreds of participants over four years. These years have taught me that certain forms of training are more effective for different types of people. I’ve honed this retreat so that it gets results and I am not afraid to say that it will transform your life!


It’s time to take action NOW!

Whether you’re beginning a new relationship, in a long-term relationship now, or just waiting for the ideal person to arrive, this investment is worth it.

The special tuition for the Healing Workshop is $597.

It’s a tiny investment compared to the long-term happiness you’ll create as a result.




We hope you will give yourself this important life resource. Taking this step now will bring you so much closer to: freeing yourself from fear, being happy in everyday-life and feeling like your whole self again.  

We invite you to say “Yes!” from a place of authenticity for the relationship you want, the person you’ve always wanted to be, and the hugely happy life you deserve and are here to create.


My warmest wishes for your life,

Alejandra Crisafulli, Your Coach